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Speed Gliding

Speed Gliding is the latest craze, bringing high speed fun to both paraglider pilots and skydivers. Our instructors have experience on many types of Speed Gliding and Speed Riding gliders in big mountain terrain and they bring that experience to the South Coast. We are the ONLY school in Santa Barbara to offer a true Speed Gliding course, with a syllabus developed by us. We are also the only school in California appointed to certify speed flying instructors under the new speed flying certification program.

Who is this for?

  • Paraglider pilots who want to soar in higher winds and enjoy the snappier handling and thrills of a speed glider.
  • Skydivers who want more canopy time without expensive plane rides.
  • Swoopers who could do without the free-fall.
  • Skydivers and paragliders who want to swoop down big mountains at high speed.

Our national organization issues two Speed Flying ratings which are additions to a Novice (P2) Paragliding rating: Intermediate (M1), Advanced (M2). We recommend becoming an accomplished P2 before adding the M1 rating, but recognize that many pilots, especially those coming from the skydiving world, may only be interested in speed gliders.

Intermediate (M1)
$1,500 - Incudes Novice Paragliding rating, and the M1 special skill. This course is designed for those who are purely interested in speed flying. For those who wish to become full-time paraglider and speed glider pilots, we recommend taking the P2 course, followed by a S1 add-on.

Advanced (M2)
$200 or (Free if you received your M1 through Fly Above All) - The M2 is achievable after an evaluation of skills and log book check and is for extremely accomplished speed flying pilots.

M1 Add-On
Add a M1 to your P2 or higher Paraglider rating! - $600

*Equipment Purchases
A new student should be well into their lessons before deciding to purchase their own equipment. The time spent on the training hill will give both the student and their instructor the opportunity to choose a wing that is best suited to the student's abilities and their intended use. It is your instructor's job to help you select your first wing. Different paragliders have different characteristics and require different skill levels. The guidance of your trusted instructor will ensure that you choose a glider that will give you many hours of safe and fun flight. For this reason we do not accept students into the program who have already purchased equipment that is not appropriate for learning. Used and demo equipment is sometimes available through Fly Above All.

If we are unable to complete a program due to an operational shutdown, we will pro-rate a refund or merchandise exchange. There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate programs. Programs are not transferable to another individual. A surcharge may be applied if a student has missed training for more than 6 weeks. Cancelling a reservation must be done 72 hours in advance, or the full fee applies. Fly Above All, Inc. reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.

To reserve a lesson, call Fly Above All at 805-965-3733

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