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fazer.jpeg Ozone Fazer 2 Speed Glider Price: $1,900.00
The Fazer offers modern speed riding and speed flying pilots the ultimate combination of speed, precision, and performance. We designed this wing especially for the new generation of speed pilots who are pushing the limits of the sport with and without skis, in mountains and coastal sites all over the world. Although the Fazer is primarily designed for pilots of a wide range of abilities to ski-launch, experienced speed pilots will love foot launching their Fazer in big mountains during the summer time.
nano.jpg Gin Nano Speed Glider + Harness Price: $1,895.00
The Nano is supplied complete with a specially designed 'SPEEDRIDE 2012' convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners and a fast-packing bag. There is also a 'zip and clip' airbag, which is perfectly suited to both school and regular use. Choose your size according to your weight and - more importantly - experience. The 14 m2 is suitable for heavyweight beginners and intermediate pilots. The 12.5 m2 is suitable for lightweight beginners and intermediate pilots. The 11 m2 is suitable for very lightweight beginners and intermediate pilots. The 9.5 m2 is suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots who want to go further in the practice of freeriding.
fluid.jpg Gin Fluid Speed Glider + Harness Price: $1,995.00
It is delivered complete with the new specially designed 'FREERIDE' convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners, and the new fast-packing bag. This lighter and more compact harness is dedicated to a wild area use-with a sock pocket for the storage of poles, an anti-puncture concept, an ice axe holder, etc. Choose your size according to your weight and - more importantly - experience. The optimum wingload Under the Fluid is between 8,5 and 10 kg/m2 for experienced and experts riders. The 11 m2 is for heavy weight experienced and expert pilots. The 9.5 m2 is for expert pilots only, the perfect tool for freeriders. The 8 m2 is for extreme experts only, focused on speed oriented use such as slalom runs or derby runs.
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