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Advance BiBeta 5 Price: $4,900.00
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Just a brief impulse and already the canopy is climbing evenly above you and your guest – the BIBETA 5’s easy inflating and rising mean that you and your passenger leave the ground in a relaxed frame of mind, ready to enjoy the flight. Even in difficult takeoff conditions the BIBETA 5 is a partner which you can fully rely on.


The BIBETA 5’s internal conformation has been further improved by means of detailed analysis and calculation: the weight-efficient structure and the use of Nylon wires make the wing lighter. Equipped with performance-enhancing trimmers and the established Vary-Grip big ears system the BIBETA 5 stands for efficiency and precision.


The BIBETA 5 is a reliable and hard-wearing partner. The optimised internal structure combined with a careful choice of materials make the BIBETA 5 a light but robust and long-lived wing that will, even after frequent use, remain hard-wearing, retaining its takeoff qualities and canopy stability.


Vary-Grip-System The BIBETA 5 has split A-risers, which make the application of big ears easy. A cleat (Vary-Grip-System) makes it possible to fix the outer A-lines so that they can be held in for an extended period. (see point XY Riser Illustration). The lines can be pulled down and reset in the clamps. With big ears applied the glider can be steered normally using the brakes. Vary-Grip-System BIBETA 5

Spreaders adjustable for height

The BIBETA 5 is delivered with hard, soft or soft adjustable spreaders. The adjustable soft supports are infinitely variable to accommodate different passenger sizes. Clever design means that these can be adjusted in flight.

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