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Advance Axess 3 Air Price: $900.00
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Light and compact
The AXESS 2 AIR weighs only just over 3 kgs as a result of the detailed attention given to all the materials used, always bearing in mind weight-saving priorities combined with the exact demands of each component. Intelligent input includes the use of new technology and experience - an example of which is the elaborate foam construction of the airbag which does its job without needing vulnerable hard items or valves.

The comfort level is already evident before takeoff. The AXESS 2 AIR allows a lot of freedom-of-movement on the ground, and is easy to sit into after liftoff. Sophisticated harness geometry and a versatile range of adjustments complete the pilot's comfort even on long thermal flights.

The compact-stowing airbag automatically takes up its shape and full volume immediately after unpacking. The airbag is therefore already fully functioning on the ground, without needing the constant airflow of conventional airbags. This original system fulfils the new LTF/EN standards at the highest values and provides top level passive safety.

Other important details
The well-proven ADVANCE strapping system secures the chest and leg straps with only two buckles
Velcro patch on the shoulder straps for a Solario
An adaptable reserve compartment accommodates all the sizes of parachute on the market
Two integrated side pockets, one of which can be closed.
New ADVANCE look - distinguished, straightforward and elegant this product continues the long-established ADVANCE design tradition

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