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Paragliding: A Pilots Training Manual Book Price: $39.95
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Chad Bastian and Glen Chantler launch into a spring thermal at our fantactic Training Hill at Elings Park in Santa Barbara. This photo, taken by one of Fly Above All's Alumni - Sarah Char, captures the magic of flight in these backpack flying machines. There's just nothing like it, it's fantastic! Just released is the new 8th edition of this very popular book, Paragliding A Pilot's Training Manual. The 8th edition includes an expanded Bonus DVD, now with a full 90 minutes of narrated video footage. Enhancements in the new 8th edition include numerous additional photos and improved illustrations, and significantly expanded content, including new material on the latest and most proven kiting techniques. Both the written manual and the accompanying DVD have been expanded and enhanced. The eighth edition is now available in two bindings, paperback or hardcover. Originally written by Mike Meier, and first published in 1991, the Training Manual has sold more than ten thousand copies and has been a standard reference text for new paraglider pilots. Master pilot and paragliding instructor Rob McKenzie of High Adventure Hang Gliding and Paragliding has characterized it as "Probably about the simplest layout of the concepts of gliding flight ever written. A terrific reference book and training supplement for the beginner through intermediate pilot." While the Training Manual has been updated over the years to reflect changes in the sport, this new edition represents a major expansion in the scope and content of the manual. Wills Wing has brought onboard paraglider pilots Mark Stucky and Tim Meehan to create a complete revision with an entirely new look, additional subject matter and new illustrations. Mark Stucky, who began his aviation career in hang gliding, is a professional military and NASA test pilot and member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, whose flight test experience ranges from sub 20 mph speeds in paragliders to beyond Mach 3 in the SR 71 Blackbird. He is best known in the foot-launched soaring community for his informative technical articles and flight reviews in Hang Gliding magazine. Mark has updated the technical content of the manual and greatly expanded the scope of the subjects covered. Tim Meehan is the art director of Hang Gliding & Paragliding magazine and an author of several books on computer illustrating. He is the creative force responsible for the new layout and professional illustrations. Newly covered subjects include specialized soaring topics such as convergence, dynamic, and microlift soaring techniques; speed-to-fly theory, and soarcasting. New chapters now cover towing, competition basics, and an introduction to paramotoring. The focus is on presenting technical subject matter in a manner that is easy for the average pilot to comprehend without the need for complex theory or equations. The authors emphasize safety throughout with techniques for risk management and dealing with common emergency scenarios. The companion DVD allows the pilot to see the specific techniques described in the manual actually being demonstrated, and to review the demonstrations as often as desired to enhance the learning process. The introductory section of the DVD is also a great way to introduce your friends and family to the great sport of paragliding.
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