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ultralite3.jpeg Ozone Ultralite 3 Price: $3,200.00
The new Ultralite 3 is (still) the World’s Lightest Certified Paraglider, 300g lighter than its predecessor and the competition.
geoIII.jpeg Ozone Geo 4 Price: $3,900.00
The original Geo redefined its class of lightweight wings. Pilots who want a lightweight wing that fits into the middle of the EN B Category yet still has an acceptable amount of performance and durability for everyday flying have found a friend in the Geo. The new Geo 4 is now an evolution of its predecessors, but with even greater comfort and ease of use. This is the most comfortable and easy to use all-around light wing that we have ever flown.
swift2.jpeg Ozone Swift 4 Price: $4,100.00
The original Swift not only set a new standard for a class of wings, it also created a new class of paraglider. Lightweight, agile, with top of class performance and a lively but balanced feel in the air, the Swift series has provided proof of concept for lightweight performance wings and has inspired our developments not only for the Swift 4 but also for the new Alpina 2 and LM5 wings. The Swift 4 has benefitted greatly from research not only in lightweight construction but also in high performance research, and therefore contains a combination of features that have never before been seen in the EN B class.
lm4.jpeg Ozone LM5 Price: $4,600.00
The LM4 is the lightweight custom-order version of the Mantra M4.
xxlite.jpeg Ozone XXLite Price: $2,900.00
The revolutionary modern single surface wing for specialist climb & fly pilots.
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