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triton.jpg Nova Triton 2 Price: $4,600.00
The Triton is a serial high performance glider certified with LTF 2-3 / EN D and combines outstanding performance with a very balanced and precise handling characteristic.
enzo.jpeg Ozone EnZo 2 Price: $4,600.00
The EnZo 2 is a competition wing designed for PWC and top level competition pilots. The new EnZo 2 builds on the wild success of the EnZo, with 101 cells, and improved glide and speed.
mantram6.jpeg Ozone Mantra M6 Price: $4,600.00
The newest addition to the Mantra series is by far the most advanced 3-line wing Ozone has ever produced. Designed for experienced XC/competition pilots who enjoy the comfort, safety and performance of ‘classic’ EN D, the M6 will have M4 pilots feeling at home straight away but with obvious and significant improvements.
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