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delta2.PNG Ozone Delta 2 Price: $4,300.00
The original Delta was a revolution in the Sport-Performance class, and incorporated cutting edge design features which launched it into the class above in terms of performance. Not only was its speed and glide revolutionary, it also retained an incredibly compact and agile feel due to its moderate aspect ratio. The Delta could have been difficult to improve upon, but we are pleased to report that the new Delta 2 represents an equally significant, and even more exciting, step forward in paraglider technology.
sigma8.jpeg Advance Sigma 9 Price: $4,800.00
Carrera1.jpg Gin Carrera + Price: $4,100.00
The EN C Tribe incorporates all the latest GIN technology, from the world famous Boomerang series of competition gliders to the proven safety features of the Bolero series and everything in-between. The result? A glider that makes flying cross country truly easier, safer and more stress-free.
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