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OziumHarness.png Ozone Ozium Price: $1,150.00

Based on the successful X-Alps harness, with more robust materials, this light pod features full LTF back protection, integrated rear reserve container, flight deck and a replaceable pod. The main part of the harness is in 2 sizes M and L. The main size configurations are as follows:

Harness/ Pod: Body Size

M / S : 160-176 cm

M / M : 175-182 cm

L / M : 181-189 cm

L / L : 188-198 cm

ipress3.jpg Advance Impress 3 Price: $1,800.00
  • Hammock seat without seatboard.
  • Innovative reserve compartment closure system.
  • Safe-T-System for the chest and leg straps.
  • Chest strap/speedbag safety link.
  • Quick-out carabiner capable.
  • Detachable instrument panel on the cockpit.
  • Camera pockets in the speedbag.
  • Ballast compartment under the seat shell.
  • Shoulder Velcro for Solario and SPOT.
  • Provision for drink system.
  • Exit in speedbag for urine tube.
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
genielite.jpg Gin Genie Lite Harness Price: $1,300.00
  • Detachable cocoon
  • Safe T system for chest/leg straps
  • Chest strap/cocoon safety link
  • Integrated speed system with Harken pulleys
  • Detachable flight deck
  • Ballast compartment under seat
  • Drinks system-ready
  • Whistle
  • Front pocket in cocoon
  • Weight: 4.6kg (M size with carbon plate, including back protection)
genierace.jpg Gin Genie Race Harness Price: $1,600.00
  • Pocket for SPOT / other instrument.
  • Upgraded Austrialpin chest buckle certified to 120kg, safe-T getup system.
  • Ball stopper on speed system prevents Brummel hooks being accidentally pushed into pulley.
  • Under-seat rescue container.
  • Supplied with 2 inner deployment bags, each with integrated rescue handle.
  • Delivered with GINSOFT R back protection, LTF certified.
  • Delivered with 30mm GIN carabiners.
  • Delivered with Flight Deck Race.
  • Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF) with new quieter, more durable fabric.
  • Speed vest.
  • 3 step speed bar, lines and Brummel hooks & rubber strings to fix the speed bar.
  • Certified EN-LTF
  • Weight; 8.5 kg
lightness2_960x670_4_02.jpg Advance Lightness 2 Price: $1,800.00
  • Hammock seat without seatboard.
  • The harness is fitted with the successful Advance two-buckle integrated chest and leg strap fastening-system (equivalent to the Safe-T-System).
  • The adjustable-volume front container accommodates a normal size reserve.
  • The instrument panel can be easily secured on the front container.
  • An additional pocket for ballast or storage is provided under the seat.
  • The accelerate system has ball-bearing pulleys.
  • The harness and rucksack have the stylish Advance look: classy, clear and elegant.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
skypper.jpg SupAir Skypper Harness Price: $1,329.00
Removable 14 cm Mousse-Bag. Integrated stretchable protecting Speed-Bag with a cocoon-like shape. SpeedBag carbon fiber foot-resting plate. Better reserve parachute handle access. New reserve container on the right side with lateral extraction. Handle equipped with safety cables. Large dorsal storage pocket. Left shoulder Lycra radio pocket with lanyard. Ballast compartment located beneath the seat. Inboard removable cockpit. Proprietary double stage speed-bar with adjustment system. SpeedBag automated length adjustment system, easy to tune and use. Will accommodate all pilot sizes. Harken pulleys and special slider to optimized speed-bar function. Self-locking ratchet pulleys ( optional ). 25 mm Polyester webbing for easy adjustments. Pre-equipped to accept a radio, microphone and hydration pack. Shoulder straps adjustments, dual side trims for maximum dorsal support and comfort. Offset chest strap for better Instrument-Cockpit access. Ergonomic carbon fiber seat plate. Weight: 4.8 kg
delight.jpg SupAir Delight Harness Price: $1,240.00
Hammock seat without seatboard. Removable 14 cm Mousse-Bag. Special LIGHT RIPSTOP material with reinforced Dyneema. Shoulder straps adjustments, dual side trims for maximum dorsal support and comfort. SpeedBag incline and length adjustments. Safe-T strap with light quick release buckles. Hiking poles connections. Pre-equipped Hydro system. Three storage pockets : dorsal, beneath the seat, and a side one accessible in flight. Proprietary double stage speed-bar with adjustment system. Cocoon type Speed-Bag with wind protective layer. Inboard removable cockpit. SpeedBag carbon fiber foot-resting plate. Harken pulleys and special slider to optimized speed-bar function. Six flap dorsal reserve parachute container able to accommodate all rescue models. Sky-Diving type cable extraction handle. EN1651 Certification. Weight: 2.72 kg
exoceat.jpg Ozone Exoceat Price: $2,250.00
The Exoceat is a low-drag high-performance harness for serious XC or Competition flying. It is the result of a multi-year development process which included extensive testing, and wind-tunnel research, and a prolonged beta phase involving the world’s top competition pilots. The result is a unique and totally new design that we think is the perfect complement to our highest performing wings.
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