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Fly Above All News Archives
Small NOVA Mentor 2 and Factor 2 Demos
We have demos of the small NOVA Mentor 2 and ultra-high performance Factor 2. These aren't the NOVAs you remember! If you're interested in a new glider in either of these categories, give us a call!
Ozone EnZo Dominates the PWC!
Ozone pilots took 8 of the top 10 places, 15 out of the top 20 places, and the overall first place position!
LM4 Certified EN D!
The Ozone LM 4 (Lightweight Mantra 4) has been certified EN D. Exceptional performance in an ultralight package!
Gin Boomerang X certified S, M, and L!
The Gin Boomerang X has been certified and load tested EN D in 3 sizes! There is a special pre-order for those who need one for Brazil. Let us know if you need one by 3PM on the 24th!
Tater Hill Open 2011
Tater Hill Paragliding Opencompetition have been announced! This competition is ALWAYS a blast, with epic airtime and a great introduction to competitions in a friendly environment. This is not to be missed and Fly Above All will be there! Come join us Sun, July 29, 2012-Sat, Aug 4, 2012 for the friendliest competition in the US! Don't forget to check the Tater Hill videos in our video section!
Now Is The Time To Reserve Your Tandem Flight!
Soaring the Santa Barbara mountains is best between October and May. If you want to enjoy the spectacular scenery that Santa Barbara has to offer, the ONLY way to see it is from the air!
Paramotor cross-over course though sister school American Paragliding!
We're collaborating with sister-school American Paragliding to offer Paramotor cross-over courses! Chad Bastian is one of the most experienced paramotor pilots and builders in the world and can teach beginner through advanced Paraglider pilots the art of motorized flight!
Proud To Offer The Cloud Street Winch!
We now offer the famous Cloud Street Winch for stationary or pay-out towing! These winches are the best available and have been sent all over the world. This is the winch that the RedBull Air Force uses for ALL their towing so you KNOW it's burly! They offer a variety of styles and designs to fit your needs so call us today!
Kari Castle XC/Thermal Clinic
Kari Castle will be joining us in Santa Barbara for an introduction to thermal and XC flying! Click here for more info!
Fly Above All Welcomes Chris Grantham
Fly Above All welcomes Christopher Grantham home after many years of teaching abroad! Chris will be taking charge with a new syllabus gleaned from years of experience at places like The Point of the Mountain, the Pacific Northwest and Southeast.
Jack Brown 2010 National Champion

Jack Brown has won the 2010 US Paragliding National Overall Championships flying his Ozone Mantra R10.2 2-line High Performance Paraglider!

The hotly contested series began just before the PWC in Chelan in July, and the first stage was won by Russ Ogden, with Ozone pilots Jack Brown and Andre Rainsford in 2nd and 3rd places (Podium Sweep).

Congratulations Jack, we're happy that you're happy with the wing, and we hope that everyone enjoyed the flying at Sun Valley (and Chelan) this year.

"Although I've been piloting airplanes and helicopters commercially since 1978, it wasn't until Chad Bastian at Fly Above All introduced me to paragliding 10 years ago that I really began to experience and build a passion for flying."

"Those closest to me may see it as more than a passion - maybe even an addiction..... however you define it - flying XC or racing XC with my friends both at home and abroad has been the ultimate life experience. It took me completely off one path in life and drew me hopelessly down another....."

"Thru Chad I managed to share this experience with the entire family, including my loving and supportive wife, my son (p2 at age 12), my father (p2 at age 78) and even the amazing flying dog Leah who shared some of my most treasured flights with me!"

"This year things really came together on the competition scene and I earned the national title. Thanks Chad for your support and mentoring over the years, and for showing me a way to live life at it's fullest with countless moments that have both filled me with adrenalin and taken my breath away!"

-Jack Brown

Come Join Us At Elings Park
Elings Park is the premiere training hill in the United States and we're here year-round to help you live the dream. Come join us this Winter when the conditions are the nicest!
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